As you might have guessed, I love starting things. Finishing them? Well, that’s another matter, but some of the these projects are finally nearing completion. You can read more about each of them on their separate pages, but here is an overview as to their status.

  • Mexico city murder ballads. A collection of noir short stories set in and around Mexico City. This is about 1/3 finished, but I am in no hurry to complete it. I am getting feedback on the stories from my writing group and writers on Scribophile. As I finish them, I have been the stories to magazines, but none of them have been published yet. I hope to complete and publish this in 2021.
  • 42 Daydream Letters. A novel about a librarian who lives in a village in the UK and starts to hallucinate. Started in 2017 when I lived in Uruguay, I work-shopped this book every 2 weeks in a writing group until the first draft was 70% finished. I keep going back to this from time to time and so it is not officially abandoned.
  • Harmony Canto. The first of 6 projected books in the Harmony of the Stars series. Mildly amusing sci-fi detective fiction. The main character is a detective on board an interstellar cruise liner heading for a new world. The first chapter of this, Harmony who? was published in Aphotic Realm Issue #9 – Interstellar. I’ve only completed two chapters of this so far and aim to continue writing it in 2021.
  • The Spaceman is a novella which forms the first book of a 3-part novel called Many Worlds Apart. This was written in 2019 and work-shopped by the Condesa Writing Group. It’s gone through a number of drafts and in 2020 I commissioned a developmental edit. I am completing the final changes and aim to publish it as a stand-alone book by December 2020. I’ve been working on part 2, which I expect will be published in 2021.
  • One day they will all be dead is a rock n’ roll novel. I’ve just started that one, but the words are tumbling out. It almost feels like I am channelling some dead rock star.

7th August 2020.

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