42 Daydream Letters

42 Daydream Letters novel42 Daydream Letters – a true story

Beneath the surface of the sleepy British coastal town of Arelton, lies a reality which is unseen by the majority of its inhabitants. Or so it seems to Kenny, a librarian whose life starts to take a turn for the worse when he tries to understand the weird changes going on around him.

At first it was a lifeguard house that magically appeared on the beach. Then a tree moved, which was slightly disturbing. By the time the grass turned blue and a yellow brick road appeared leading from his house to the library, Kenny knew something was seriously wrong. Then dogs started winking at him.

This is a little-known true story of a librarian from the UK whose strange letters were discovered in an abandoned post box in a village in Norfolk. I came across a news report of this when I was living in Uruguay and started writing a novelised version of the story. Most of the book was work-shopped in weekly writing group sessions in 2017-18. When I’d finished 2/3 of the book, some 70,000 words, I realised the plot had got tangled up and so I shelved it, but I have started revising it and hope to finish it sometime soon. I am not in a hurry though.

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