CDMX Murder Ballads

Mexico City Murder Ballads is a collection of short stories set in and around Mexico City (what a surprise!) and featuring a bizarre collection of characters and situations, including a mariachi forced to write songs in Spanglish for a local gang member.

This collection will be published in 2021.

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Below you will find the lyrics of one of the songs written by the mariachi.


The Ballad of La Garganta

Silvestre Vargas is the man / known as la Garganta / Half his life spent in a gang / Mex City’s los Amantas.

For years Silvestre’s lived a life / that’s full of aventuras / This song? A gift from his friend /  Enrique Dados Muras.

It tells the tale of one dark night / with Enrique close to muerto / Thanks to his friend who saves his skin, / Dados ends up only tuerto.

While in a bar, shooting shit, / they see rivals los Flechazos, / who recce them and then come back / to riddle them with balazos.

Dados is hit, in the eye, / taking cover from chispazos. / Behind a chair, without his gun, / he thinks he’ll soon be just pedazos.

Then out of nowhere, comes a howl / from the throat of la Garganta. / He stands up straight, throws up his arms, / and chants a weird mantra.

A broken bottle in each hand, / emerges, el gran amigo / Vargas charges out to face three men / without a trace of miedo.

In the street, running to the car, / bullets fly at his cuerpazo. / He’s hit twice but soon he reaches / those gangsters los Flechazos.

That first man, he drops his gun / at the sight of la Garganta / A bottle breaks close to his head / while Enrique cries Amantas!

Confused and dazed, the first man falls, / as glass slashes through his cuello. / and blood starts spurting from his veins / due to el embotello.

The second man stands near the car / with a nine-mil Glock pistola. / Shocked when his friend’s body falls, / he’s smacked against la farola.

Vargas holds him tight, against the light, / puts pressure on his gargantav/ The man passes out, drops his gun. / And the third man? Se espanta.

Down the street, running for his life, / is the last they see of that Flechazo. / His friends lie at Garganta’s feet. / Death holds them in deep abrazo.

The lesson here for all to learn / is don’t mess with los Amantas. / Against all odds, fate will be sealed / while they have la Garganta.

And so, my friends, it’s time to end / this tale of los Amantas, / the night Silvestre earned his name, / the ballad of la Garganta.

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