Harmony to the Stars

The year 2039. Damian Ford is on a private space cruise ship, Harmony of the Stars heading for the new world, GJ1132b, approximately 39 light years from, and 1.4 times the size of Earth. Someone is found dead in their cabin and foul play is suspected. As Damian and his fellow agents investigate this and other crimes during the voyage, they discover some hard truths about the Intelaxative corporation, the owners of the ship and its owner, the dim-witted multi-zillionaire Duckwit Triunfo. How many of the passengers will survive the voyage to the new world?

Harmony Canto is the first book in a six book mildly amusing science fiction detective space opera series. The first chapter, Harmony Who? was previously published in the magazine Aphotic Realm Issue #9 – Interstellar.

Harmony to the Stars: Harmony Canto | Harmony Cadenza | Harmony Chiuso | Harmony Cadence | Harmony Cesura | Harmony Coda


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