One day they will all be dead

One day they will all be dead is the story of a fictional rock band from 1983 to 2020. It is also the story about the turbulent relationship between a brother and sister, among a group of friends trying to create music that refuses to be buttonholed. Their story is that of the underdog, of under-appreciation and outright hostility, but they also obtain a cult status among a small and committed group of fans.


“Right, that’s settled then,” said Aimee, “What about the band name? I was thinking, we could be Band with No Name rather than On Thursdays.”

“It certainly sounds more…enigmatic, like.” Rami said, “What do you think, Grunt?”


“I’ve had a better idea,” said Tim, “we should call ourselves One day they will all be dead.” This left everyone speechless, and since the bell rang calling everyone to class, Tim  felt it had been decided and they all arranged to meet for their first band practice on Friday afternoon. 

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